Caring, learning & achieving

We give children the chance to relax and switch to other activities. Correctly organized environment for rest, attention to sports disciplines and extensive programme of festivals and events.

Our private elementary school is a happy childhood islet, where pupils take their first steps into the world of discoveries and achievements. Elementary school education program is built taking into account emotional responsiveness characteristic of young students, curiosity and, at the same time, taking into account the capacity to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge, to install and use intersubject links and use purchased school experiences in life.

The formation of the most important moral, aesthetic views, assignment of universal human moral values, human education have always been, are and will be one of the priority tasks of our elementary school. Using all available pedagogical experience, advanced educational technologies, knowledge and professionalism of our teaching staff we confidently accept full responsibility for the educational process.

Our educational complex successfully operates for 20 years, providing children the opportunity to receive a qualitative education, find activities, improve health. All activities of our school focus on modern requests of parents, who want to make the childhood of their sons and daughters happy, memorable and rewarding.

Elementary School works for children who are need joy, kindness, ability to acquire new knowledge, evolve, be engaged in creative activity. We provide a high standard of quality of educational services. Our teachers use modern educational computer programs in order to make your children's learning process interesting and entertaining. The school developed and implemented programs aimed at the development of human cognitive abilities, including social, emotional, and practical intelligence. Educational techniques, used in our school, were repeatedly tested in practice and proven to be effective.

Every child has a uniqueness, each has its own flair! The main objective of our work we find in discovering the unique individuality, which in the future will allow it find its way. However, on this way the child will certainly need help and support. Our school's teachers are professionals who possess necessary knowledge and modern teaching methods. They have a real opportunity to use differential and student-oriented learning for every child.

Our Elementary School is truly the opportunity place for every elementary-age child. Our school stresses high-quality education with sound moral and spiritual values. Our teachers are dedicated to the student's welfare, and they are skillful in the handling of social values to shape the life and character of each child. Art, music, and physical education are part of our regular curriculum.

Harmonious development of your child`s talents

In addition to Elementary School commitment to educational excellence, our Student Life Programs offer a variety of activities that allow students to express themselves in a safe, nurturing environment. Based on the precept that students learn best by doing, Elementary School applied learning programs begin with age-appropriate instruction, then guide children as they discover exciting real-world use of their new skills.